#THENASZWED – 29TH & 30TH JUL 2017


Syukur Alhamdulillah, with sekali Lafaz im now a Wife to Muhd Nur Afiq. We get official on our 6th years anniversary & we are really so Happyy!! Its been a month plus and truely it has been amazing.. for more of our wedding updates, do search for #thenaszwed in instagram .. i be doing my vendors reviews soon!!Β 

Love, MRS AFIQ..

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#Teambride hunting for Kain

Hello again ladies! Yes as per tittle above, Me and family went for a kain hunting for both my nikah day & Sanding day since i would be having a 2 days event insha allah.. 😊

For guys, we settling on Batiks design and for ladies, more to a colour code of Royal Yellow. Im so excited cause the colours are vrry contrasting and i make sure the colours wont clash with my decor, my outfits & the bridesmaids.lol!

Ofcourse, the kids are happy too!! To have those fresh n modern batiks to be worn.. 😍😍😍 and nowadays dinie have been asking, Aunty love marry uncle boi??? Duhai anak sdare ku..lgi sikit lagi… Few more weeks to go insha allah..

Love,                                                                 Applelove

Nasi Minyak… My Caterer πŸ’•

Assalamualaikum to all my readers and my btb’s.. Masya allah, its been sooo long since my last post!! Already busy with Lot of preparations to be done..running errands, assignments till i forget to blog. Much apologies for tbe lack of updates ladies.. πŸ’• so yes, i would like to write up about my caterer in this post as per title!! 

AISH WEDDING & SERVICES                                   A little background on how i actually met my caterer, is when im still a toddler. She’sa good friend of my bibik (aunt) even before she starts to open up her own catering services and now, she also provides the whole package. and yes, she’s the one that’s responsible for me sister’s wedding 6 years ago, first when she started and opened up a catering services for a wedding reception. As me and my family are very the cerewet with foods, we settled down with Kak Aishah as her the food that she serves are of a great quality. What i find most important in food caterer are;-

  • Ofcourse must be SEDAP!
  • The communication of brides mom and owner of caterer is good, cause tbh ive seen such dramas bfore so this is very important.. Their understanding must be on the same boat.
  • Varieties of menu and desserts we could choose from.
  • The lauk Must be hot and stay fresh thruout the day.
  • On time with topping up the foods for guests.
  • MUST NOT BE BASI IN THE EVENING. Trust me, this is the moooost impostant thing ever. You wouldnt want ur guest to text u the very next day and complain about ur food is already spoiled?! 😱

These are some of the pictures of her works.. And did i say that her SAMBAL GORENG PENGANTIN IS OUR TOP FAVOURITE AMONG ALL OF HER DELICIOUS OTHER DISHES?!!!! Ive already toled my mum to actually ordered extra, kept in tupperware and seal in our house? Lol.. Just to make sure..after event, we pengantin can pelahap the foods! πŸ˜‚ cause we must be very hungry as we cnt eat alot during our makan session. Furthermore, me and fiance are a big eater.. Heheh alhamdulillah, 2nd deposit to be done this week and im glad to have such a sweet and understanding boss of her own. She’s like a family to us. Thank you team Aish wedding & services for having us!! ❀

Till then..

Love,                                                                         Apple

Kuala Lumpur – Wedding shopping!

Yeay! Wedding updates again! Hehe.well, we went to KL again on 13th jan but this time with our parents to shop for our wedding stuffs. To be honest, i never thought that i could actually strike off all the items in the list except for my bridesmaids outfit! Cause i tk berkenan.. 😜 but we both managed to get few of our stuff for gubahan and hantaran mostly. Not much of a stress2 alrdy now. So here’s the list that i managed to get.

  • Bunga Rampai holder
  • Grass patch for dulang gubahan
  • Shredded paper for my Telur Berkat
  • Jubah/abaya for hantaran
  • Telekung, Quran & Sejadah for hantaran
  • Bunga telur for atas pelamin
  • Wedding heels
  • Songket printed abaya for Saturday night
  • Another 2 pair of wedge? πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
  • Few shades of plain shawl for nikah outfit.

Most of the items for Dulang exchange are ready, just need to grab few more items to complete, alhamdulillah. Gubahan were supposedly done by my cousins from KL & Muar, but unfortunately due to career change, they could not finish on time most probably. Thus, me and mum decided that we just Diy-ed ourself! Since im an art student, i know i could rely on myself on the creativity insya allah. The only thing that we didnt manage to get is my holder for Telur Berkats.. As we would like to order 1000 holder, we need to pre order the item and sadly, we have to carry by hands as they dont do delivery..πŸ˜” so me and mama would be sourcing out for the item in JB if they have it, would be easier for us to bring in Sg. 

Ofcourse, Mr. FIANCE also bought his Solemnisation outfit and samping at Jakel, the new jakel building! Its freaking big and all so beautiful! But the spotlight was given to my dearest fiance.. Alhamdulillah, outfit also settled! Insya allah, we hope to finish buying our hantaran gifts and small wedding items soon. Till the next post!

Love,                                                                       Apple

Creating my Dream OutfitΒ 

Hello ladies! I apologise for lack of updates here.. Been quite busy with Makeup assignments, events, preparation of wedding and also spending of time with loved ones. OHHH!! and Happy new year u olls! Its 2017 now! My gosh.. Time do flies so fast! Anyway, December have been very2 good to my career alhamdulillah.. Back to back wedding assignment every week makes me have less rest but im enjoying it every single second! The experience and satisfaction.. SPEECHLESS! THANK YOU my dearest clients for having me.. And i cant wait to actually doll up one of the btb here in my blog for her pre wed..😍 
As you could see from my title post, do you have any idea yet on what i be blogging now?    

Yess!! Atlast i met with my designer for my Solemnisation Outfit!! Im like so nervous to meet HIM to source out for our outfit materials and fabrics. Its a him u olls! A very talented local designer.. I never regretted to book him when i just get engaged, cause i know he would make my dream outfit to become reality. 

Supposedly, me and mr fiance wanted to just rent an outfit for solemnisation with our bridal. But, Mr.Fiance decides to have our nikah outfit to be our own which we could keep for sentimental value Nd also we could always use back for hari raya or special events! Sweet and romantic jgak tunang i ni.. Heee! *mentelmodeon* so i did my research ofcourse with the past btbs blog and then i came across @Lufianxy_official in Instagram. They were quite new with taking in brides outfits that time but i saw a great potential of him in his career. The little details that he focus makes me want to know more about the package that he could offers. DM-ed him, and started a convo.. Really a nice and humble guy he is.. But as usual, me being so loud and kecoh.. We get along so well when me meet for the first time with each other.. Cause i think he always layan me with my nonsence drama ideas.. πŸ˜‚

Initially, i wanted to have my nikah outfit to be all white.. Since Mr.Fiance actually dont mind with the colours, so he just follows what i decide on the colours. BUT when we went for fabric hunting, my brain keep on giving me this colour until i have to recustomise on my outfit colour code.. Ofcourse i seek for Nur’s advice, and he says that he likes it! He could vision what i want.. Thus he say lets do it! I wont decribe further on hows the design would be.. Till the big day itself alright.. Im soo excited!!! We made the process in a very short period.. Within just an hour! He says that since i know what i want, its easier for him to bring me to places to choose.. 

Thank you so much Nur & Luf for layaning my cerewet request. Itu ini..keep on changing ideas.. Ofcourse to my cousin, Dolly for waking me up in the morning and accompany me. 
Lots of love,                                                           Apple

MAKEUPBYAPPLELOVE 2017 Catalogue Launch πŸ’„

Syukur Alhamdulillah, the shoot went smoothly.. Although it rains in the morning.. But as soon as we are ready to rock it, the sun shines bright! So without further a due, let thw pictures do the talking yeah.. If you want to know the vendors who collaborated with us, do view till the end of this post. πŸ’•

Model : Nat (before & after) & myself.                                 Theme : Classic English bride

Thank you so much to my dearest collaborating partners.. To make this shoot a successful one!

Models bridal gown : Secretbridalsg.                     Both white bouquet : Ahlanbyzdns                         Floral crowns & colourful bouquet: MissPetalblush.                                             Talented photographer : Qarnafal Aby

And maybe…..a little sneak peek?? Just 1 for u my btb followers!

Lots of love,                                                           Apple

The making of Mbal Catalogue launch

Hi ladies!  I’m back with few more posts coming up!  It’s this few months that I’m so busy with.  A hectic and packed schedule for my Makeup assignments, events, competition & wedding errands.. 😊 but I’m enjoying every single of these journey.. Cause I know each experience don’t repeat twice. 

So, as the titled above.. MAKEUPBYAPPLELOVE is launching the new catalogue for 2017!! Alhamdulillah, I received a few sponsors and collaboration from local companies to make the photo shoot a successful one. The first collab partner that I discussed about the photoshoot were the photographer of the day. She is doing freelance and building up her portfolio. But when I first saw the pictures that she took……. Seriously it took my breath away.. Want to know why?  Stay tuned for the pictures below.. 😁

The first appointment I went for is to meet Vanessa, the owner of Secret Bridal Sg. She we’re so kind to collaborate on our photo shoot and since I’m going for a bridal theme, of course we are choosing a gown!! Had some discussions on the project and she ask me to tried a gown! I’m really excited the ones that she picked for me are the puffy ones.. Just like how I love big puffy gowns.. 😜 mentel right!  I know… 

This we’re the gown that I first tried on!  A maroon bold luxury ball gown for me, until the final fitting that I changed the theme totally to 360 degrees. Also because of the changing of venue. 

From picking up the gown, to our late dinner, to picking the the flower bouquet and finally back home. Packing for the day!! Definitely tired but even though there’s a lot of hiccups here and there but the shoot were a smooth one. Official pictures would be up next! 

Xoxo, apple

I’m back!Β 

HELLO ALL!!! OMG it’s been quite sometimes since I blogged!  Insya Allah I will update soon on this page!  Been so busy and really didn’t have time to sit down and blog. Stay tune!  πŸ˜˜

Decor ❀

Well at last, after a lot of consideration for my decor,  I decided to seal the deal with RS Wedding Services! It’s all because of mom wanted me to stay in mybudget cause previously would really want to get Anggun Decor, till we get to know our cousin had issues with them few yes back. πŸ˜” 

I kept searching for the right decor, which is nice & clean with affordable price and oh! Which could customise to my preferences too! So it was a one fi e day when im scrolling at my fb newsfeed and saw this awesome promo for decor! It’s like below 3k for full decor with complimentary tiffany chairs!! I wanted tiffany chair just like my sis who i believed to use the tiffany chair for her wedding for the first time in singapore! She uses Saiful Imran decor thus of the big gap of my decor also.

I decided to enquire with RS on the promo and read their reviews while chatting. We met a few days after the chat to discuss more on what i envisioned for my wedding..im happy that they provide decent & nice decor! Thus my wedding theme would really be customised and i hope mom would be delighted to see the final outcome..😊 since my venue would be at an MPH near my sis house, hope they can still do it with a good job! 

Till then, 

Xoxo Apple